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Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers – What is it like going to in Rehab,

REHAB What Are Depressant Drugs

Depressant drugs are types of narcotics which are able to suppress specific feelings for those who abuse them. Some of these may be believed to be completely harmless, since they are prescription drugs. They can all affect those who take them both physically and mentally, but what are depressant drugs and their affects?


Drugs such as Zyprexa, Seroquel and Haldol are known as antipsychotics (or major tranquilizers), as they are supposed to reduce the symptoms of a mental illness.


Some of these narcotics are Xanax, Klonopin, Halcion and Librium, and they’re often referred to as benzos, which is short for benzodiazepines (a tranquilizer which relaxes the user’s muscles and calms them mentally).


Other depressants, like Amytal, Numbutal and Seconal are classed as barbiturates, which are drugs which are used as sedatives and also sleeping pills.

Their affects

Higher doses of any of these types of substances can impair the abuser’s memory, judgment and coordination. They can also cause irritability, paranoia and even suicidal thoughts.

Using tranquilizers (drugs used to calm or soothe) with other narcotic substances or alcohol can slow the users breathing and heart rate, which could lead to death.

Another problem which users have is that the tolerance of many depressants can develop rapidly, meaning that larger doses will be needed to achieve the same effect as the last. If an abuser tries to reach the same high by taking more they may overdose, which may result in a coma or death.

Long term effects

Some of the long term effects of depressants are depression, breathing difficulties and sleep problems. And, as the abuser’s dependency on the drug increases, they may have anxiety or panic issues when they don’t have more, which is quite a common problem if the user is unable to source fresh supplies.

These drugs are also able to increase the risk of developing high blood sugar and diabetes – and they can also cause weight gain. And, if that wasn’t enough, there are also many negative affects which can occur when trying to get clean of the narcotic.

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The withdrawal symptoms can include insomnia, weakness and nausea. For the addicts who use higher doses and who have been addicted for longer; agitation, high body temperature, delirium, hallucinations and convulsions can also be a problem. Unlike normal withdrawal from most drugs, the withdrawal from depressants can be life threatening.

How to get help with drug rehab

Rehabilitation centres are a great way to get rid of any drug addiction; whether it is to cocaine or heroin, depressants or hallucinogens – they will treat your addiction with the necessary care and attention.

Alcohol rehabilitation centers in the UK. This is my experience of going into one of the UK’s alcohol rehabilitation Centers available through part wellfair.


My feelings and thoughts about What is it like going to in Rehab
In this video we discus my time in alcohol rehabilitation and also my feelings on what alcohol rehab is good for. What I learned from my friends and the staff at alcohol rehabilitation and what were my experiences, good or bad.

Being in alcohol rehab can be a testing time, but if you put your mind to it you can generate great results. Its all about forgetting your that alcoholic and just starting to learn how to deal with life without alcohol.

I think one of the most testing things about alcohol rehabilitation centers, is the people you live with. You have to constantly adapt to the new surroundings and people coming and going form the alcohol facility. You almost always Witness someones demise back to alcoholism.


Don’t get me wrong alcohol rehab int eh UK can be great. it’s just about finding the place that’s right for you.

I will be uploading loads more videos about my times spent in alcohol rehabilitation. If i can ease anyone’s nerves and fears. This is what this series is all about.

Going onto alcohol rehabilitation facility’s in the UK and my thoughts on the places I’ve been.

coming soon…

Also We are hoping be conducting interviews with alcohol units from around the word. In a new up and coming Series, if you are from an alcohol rehabilitation center or know anyone who owns or works in one.