Why Some People Become Addicted To Drugs & Alcohol

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Drugs are well known for being addictive, but how do they make people depend on them? There are many different types of narcotics and some are more addictive than others.

It can be important to know why some people become addicted to drugs, as it could help you (or someone you know) to come to terms with their habit.

How it affects the brain

Our brain is what makes us function. It allows us to eat, drink, sleep, think and function. It consists of many parts and they all work together as one. Each different part has its own specific and important job to do and that’s how we maintain our daily lives.

However, when drugs are taken and make their way into the brain, they interfere with its normal processing. After long term use, this may lead to changes in how it works.

This is because, over time, drug use can lead to addiction. An addiction is like a brain disease, in which people are unable to stop taking drugs, even when they want to. This can cause terrible changes to their health and other parts of their lives, too.

What parts of the brain does it affect and how?

Drugs are able to affect three key areas of the addict’s brain. These are the brain stem, cerebral cortex and also the limbic system.

Our brain stem is in control of the different functions which our body needs survive (like breathing, digesting food and also the transportation of blood). It also lets the brain know what’s going on in the other parts of the body.

The limbic system links together different brain structures that are in charge of our emotional responses (such as feeling happy whilst being with your friends). The good feelings make us want to continue doing that, so that we continue to be happy.

Our cerebral cortex is the outer part of the brain, which is gray matter. The cerebral cortex is bigger in humans than in some other creatures (it’s about three-fourths of our brain), and it is separated into four areas – these are called lobes and they control certain functions.

For example, some of these areas process the information from our senses, which allows us to see, feel, hear and also taste. The front part of the cerebral cortex (which is sometimes known as the forebrain) is our thinking centre. This part of the brain is what allows us to think.

As you can imagine, it can cause devastating affects when these parts of the brain are changed by narcotics.

Anyone can become addicted to drugs and if you find yourself struggling with addiction, it may be an idea to attend rehab. A quick search on Google can give you all the information that you need to know about the programmes offered by these types of facility and their price ranges, so don’t suffer in silence.