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How Do People Become Addicted To Alcohol & How Do They Quit?

It isn’t very hard to buy alcohol. From pubs to local shops, it’s easy to get a hold of an alcoholic drink. They’re served at parties and enjoyed at special occasions too, making them even more accessible. However, that doesn’t mean that this substance isn’t addictive or dangerous.

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In fact, alcohol abuse can come with many health and mental issues – and as alcohol is addictive, these issues are often more common. So, how do people become addicted to alcohol? The answer is simple.

How do people get introduced to alcohol?

As mentioned above, alcoholic drinks can be highly addictive and since they’re so available (often in social situations), it isn’t too difficult for people to start drinking. One drink can lead to two, and from there the addiction can form.

Some people drink if they have depression, as they may believe that it can numb their symptoms, but many alcoholics form depression as a direct result of drinking. As this is often an overlooked, or unknown, side effect; it leads them to drink even more.

Other people start drinking at an occasion or party and some start drinking because their friends do. There are many ways for people to be introduced to alcohol, but the issue is that it can make them come back for more.

How do people become addicted to alcohol?

Alcohol makes an abuser feel like they not only want to drink, but also need to drink to function normally. Of course this may cause major health issues, but it can also make an abuser’s main priorities all about drinking.

Typically, an alcoholic will start to ignore their responsibilities (such as work, school, or family) in favor of drinking. This can disrupt the abuser’s whole life, losing them their job, family and home. And, with all this going on, they’re likely to feel low and in need of a ‘pick me up’.

Then this leads them to drink more, in the hopes that alcohol will numb the sadness.

Rehab & Detox centres

Although it’s simple to obtain alcohol, and to form a dependency on it, it can also be easy for alcoholics to break free from their addiction, too.

There are many different kinds of rehab centres; some are expensive and others are cheap – but some of them are even free! With the right treatment, help and care an addict can overcome their need to drink. More on alcoholism treatment for addiction.

Rehab, Detox and a 9 Day Cleanse

Additionally you can start to look at ways to detox such as the 9 day cleanse to prepare yourself for rehab. Having a clean body after detoxing is often a full requirement to undergo before entering rehab.



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