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The Link between Low Blood Pressure and erectile Dysfunction

Although some of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction relate to stress and anxiety on an emotional level, or obesity on a physical one – another common event relates to low blood pressure. LBP is often present in overweight men, or those that are genetically dispossessed to medical ailments that result in a lower pressure of blood flow within the body.

When a man is aroused, his genital organs will typically receive blood to coincide with the stimulation, but in cases whereby low blood pressure is present, the ability to achieve an erection can be all but impossible for many adult males.

What is low blood pressure?

In a nutshell, it’s a condition whereby the usual pressure of blood pumped by the heart has been reduced within the body. What this means is that where the human heart is typically capable of pumping blood to all parts of the body naturally; certain factors may be detracting from its potential. The consequence is that blood isn’t able to traverse the length and breadth of a man’s arteries, veins and connective tissue.

Just as with numbness in the fingers and hands as a result of blood not being able to reach them consistently, so too can the penis and genital region suffer.

What is this link between LBP and ED?

If the penis is unable to receive a consistent amount of blood when aroused, it will simply be unable to function and so sexual intercourse and activities won’t be an option for males suffering with the condition. With that in mind, the stronger the flow of blood, the higher the pressure and the more easily a man will be able to obtain an erection.

There is a middle ground that is considered healthy, and then a top and bottom level that are widely regarded as the extremes by medical experts. For instance, if blood pressure is too high, a prolonged erection may occur and this can be painful for the man. This is why those taking medication are advised to only consume the exact dose, as recommended on the packaging or by their doctor.

On the other side of the coin and when blood pressure is lower than average, the man may experience an inability to get erect and this will continue for as long as the blood flow is reduced.

Why might blood pressure be so low?

There are many different things that can lead to LBP; from heart conditions, right through to stress. In all cases, the advice of a medical practitioner is recommended, as they should be able to help with a diagnosis and then suggest a course of treatment to allow the individual to overcome their difficulty with achieving an erection. To counter this issue it is advised that a sufferer of ED buys Viagra online in Australia until doctors are available after Covid-19